Friday, March 30, 2012


NO one is ready to hear this word.

Especially not me.  I am 35.  My biggest worry in the last few months was getting DH to agree to baby number 2 starting this summer.  I was happily bopping along, we were doing really well, focusing on paying off debt, working on number 2....busy with the business of living.

I went to the doc a few months back because I had what I though was a clogged milk duct on my right breast.  It was a hard spot and it didn't hurt or bug me, but I wanted to know what I could do to make it go away.  My GP didn't give me a good enough answer so I went to my OB.  She didn't like how it looked so she sent me over for a mammogram....I rather blew it off for another month then went in and had the mamo.  That was Tuesday, March 27.  That same day they did an ultrasound.  Then they scheduled me for a biopsy the next morning. 

Thursday, March 29 I got the call.  The cells tested positive for cancer. 

Breast cancer.  At age 35? Me?

I have no family history.   I am not overly at risk.  I am however, the newest face of the fight.

And fight I will. 

I have been diagnosed with two types of breast cancer.  I have ductile carcinoma in situ and invasive ductile carcinoma. The first is a non invasive cancer that stays in the milk ducts.  The second is the most common form of breast cancer.  The good news is it's highly treatable and responds well to treatment.

This is my battle.....

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